Our large furniture showroom at Ystradgynlais Volunteer Centre

At the YVC we pride ourselves on being able to offer a great range of previously owned furniture, china and electrical items.  Our large, airy showroom always has an extensive display including clothing and jewellery for everyone. We preach the value of the reuse and upcycling. Not only are you being environmentally friendly by shopping for a previously loved item, but the chances are you'll find distinctive, quality made items which fit in to most budgets.


Buying secondhand furniture helps to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of furniture production. By choosing to buy used instead of new, you're reducing the demand for new resources and preventing items from ending up in landfills. Additionally, secondhand furniture can have a unique style and character that is hard to find in new furniture. If you're looking for something that stands out or has a vintage feel, secondhand furniture can be a great option.
Secondhand furniture:
  • Is cost effective
  • Has an unique style
  • Is environmentally friendly
A fantastic range of used furntiure on offer at Ystradgynlais Volunteer Centre

Pop in between 10:00 and 16:00 Tuesday to Friday to pick up your next bargain. For those larger items we can generally deliver to local villages.

How to donate items to us.

We are a charitable organisation relying on the goodwill of the community and volunteers. We are happy to accept many items but only if they are saleable. Some items which are broken, unusable or heavily damaged cannot be rehomed. This is especially applicable to electrical and mechanical items.

If you have things which no longer work you should take them to your local recycling centre. The nearest centre to us is Bethel Road, Lower Cwmtwrch, Powys, SA9 2HW. Click for website.