Ystradgynlais Volunteer Centre

Ystradgynlais Volunteer Centre

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We're looking for Informal Volunteers in the community.Recruiting Informal Volunteers

What is it? What will I do?

  • Informal Volunteering is a valuable way to make a positive impact on your community without committing to specific schedules or formal roles. 
  • Informal volunteering provides regular social contact, which is crucial for mental health. Whether it’s buying groceries, fetching medicine, doing small repairs or assisting the elderly, your contribution matters.
  • Unlike formal volunteering, informal volunteering adapts to your schedule. It can involve simple acts like putting out a neighbour’s bin or having a chat when you see them. Small gestures count during difficult and uncertain times.
  • Perhaps you could mow someone's lawn, offer some language tuition, collect groceries or do a myriad of other day to day things which others in your community find difficult.

If you'd like to contribute some time and expertise to helping others in your community then sign up by clicking the link below. You're not committing yourself to anything other than letting us know you're interested and the type of Informal Volunteering tasks you might be up for.

By adding your details you're agreeing that we may contact you to discuss volunteering. This initial contact will most likely be in the form of an email asking you how you'd like to volunteer: Do you have specific skills you'd like to use, do you just want to be offered anything that comes along?

We won't pass your details to any third party or start spamming you. We will use your information as part of aggregated reports where you will not be personally identfiable. You can ask for your details to be updated or removed at any time.

We're recruiting people who are able to offer some time and help to the Ystradgynlais Community in an initiative taking place across Powys. If you are outside of Ystradgynlais but within Powys, we may be able to connect you with someone in your area. Even small acts of kindness can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

I'm interested in Informal Volunteering - Send me details: Click here

Informal Volunteering

Get some more information about how you can make a difference through informal volunteering.

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