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Sennybridge Show 2011

On the weekend of Saturday 3rd September 2011, Ystradgynlais Volunteer Centre attended the annual Sennybridge Show. Featuring horse, sheep and cattle contests, vintage tractors, a hunt competition, and numerous trade and craft stands, the show was a great success despite the weather verging on the rainy side.

The judging of some of the horses in the ring. During the course of the day the horses and ponies varied from tiny Shetlands, to giant hunt horses, and everything in between.

Some of the prize-winning horses. Competitions in numerous categories took place throughout the day, starting not long after 9 a.m., and at the end of the show the winners paraded in the ring and the champions were chosen.

After the judging of the cattle contest, the winners formed part of the Grand Parade. They were awarded with their trophies and then paraded round the exhibition ring. Here is one of the prize-winning Herefords.

One of the vintage tractors in the display, circling the exhibition ring as part of the afternoon events.

The closing event of the show was the competition between four local hunts. A relay event with four riders, each horse and rider had to negotiate a series of jumps and bridges, before passing the baton on. The wet conditions especially called for some skilful handling!

Guess The Weight of The Pony! A nice-mannered Shetland was taken round as a competition. How much do you think one of these weighs? Click to find out.

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The Shetland pony weighed 214 kg, and the winner of the competition to guess her weight was a Mr Jones - congratulations! 214 kg is over 33 stone...

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