What We Do

  • promote volunteering opportunities, local activities and events;
  • recruit, place and support volunteers within the local community, matching their skills to client’s needs, providing meaningful volunteering opportunities in supportive environments so that volunteers can make a positive contribution;
  • provide a centre and facilities for community use and activity, bringing the community together and supporting a sense of belonging;
  • initiate and support new initiatives and enhance the health and wellbeing of the local community;
  • aid poverty alleviation and job growth by working with partners to provide social, education and economic benefits and opportunities to people who are most excluded from society;
  • provide food to help people in need struggling to get back on their feet;
  • reduce waste and promote recycling/environmental activity and awareness, and encourage reuse of products that may otherwise be disposed of through fly tipping.

What We Offer

We offer three main services


A vibrant and enriched community is where every person feels connected to their community through active participation in volunteer-related activities - YVC promotes.....


Working with our communities to value the importance of the Three ‘Rs’ to protect our environment - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To promote and educate the environmental and.....


Our foodbank and outreach service helps people and families in need facing financial and other hardship as a result of Corona Virus. The Foodbank is based at the volunteer centre.

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